Who We Are?


With our high production technology, we are a well-established company that contributes to the development of Turkish and world agriculture and produces agricultural irrigation filter systems needed by our region, our country and other countries.

What We Do?


Irrigation Filter Systems

We produce filtration systems for the cleaning of streams, rivers, lakes, pools or groundwater for agricultural purposes, solid substances, sediments, mosses and other particles that may be present in water.


Fertilization Systems

We produce fertilizer tank, fertilizing apparatus and fertilization systems that you can use together with Agricultural Irrigation Filter Systems.


Hydraulic Valves

We produce hydraulic valves which are used in agricultural irrigation, agricultural irrigation filter systems, fire extinguishing, industrial systems and designed to control pressure, flow and water level.


Industrial Filtration


We take our job very so seriously!

All of our products, from manufacturing to referral, are progressing with care, together with our professional team and latest technology.