Gravel (Media) Filters

Corkly Sand (Moos) Filter
  • Used for filtering moss and algae format ions in the water.
  • Used for waters acquired from lakes, channels and rivers.
  • The most important fact is Basalt and quartz sand in Sand (Moss) filter.

For Sand (Gravel) Filters;

  • For 18” Sand (Moss) Filters: 3 bags (2 – 4) basalt sand.
  • For 24” Sand (Moss) Filters: 5 bags (2 – 4) basalt sand .
  • For 36” Sand (Moss) Filters: 10 bags (2 – 4) basalt sand.

Technical Details

Corkly Sand (Moos) Filter
Product CodeInput-OutputBody DiameterMushroom PcsCapacity
GFM-20-182"18"21 Pcs20 m³/h
GFM-25-182" 1/218"21 Pcs30 m³/h
GFM-30-243"24"37 Pcs42 m³/h
GFM-30-363"36"81 Pcs52 m³/h
GFM-40-244"24"37 Pcs60 m³/h
GFM-40-364"36"81 Pcs70 m³/h
GFM-40-484"48"121 Pcs80 m³/h